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Data-Driven Analytics for Smarter Printer Purchasing Decisions

As a company, purchasing new printers can be a time-consuming and costly process, especially when evaluating different options and making the right decision. In the past, many companies relied on expensive consultancy services to guide them through the purchasing process, but with the rise of data-driven analytics, this is no longer necessary.

Data-driven analytics allows companies to make informed decisions by providing unbiased and accurate information about their printing behaviour. By tracking and analysing data such as the number of pages printed, the type of documents printed, toner usage and consumptions, lease, rent, and service costs, companies can gain valuable insights into their printing needs.

This information can determine the most cost effective and efficient printing solution for their specific needs.

The benefits of using data-driven analytics are numerous.

Firstly, it saves time by allowing companies to quickly and easily access and analyse data rather than spending hours manually evaluating their printing behaviour. This means that companies can focus on making the right decision rather than wasting time on analysis.

Secondly, data-driven analytics reduces the need for expensive consultancy services. With access to accurate data, companies can make informed decisions independently without needing outside assistance.

This means that companies can save money on consulting fees while still ensuring that they make the right purchasing decision.

Finally, data-driven analytics ensures that companies make unbiased decisions. Unlike human consultants, data-driven analytics provides impartial information based on actual printing behaviour rather than personal opinions or biases.

This means that companies can be confident that they are making decisions based on their specific needs.

To help companies make data-driven decisions when purchasing new printers, 3manager has developed a visualisation tool that provides an accurate and comprehensive view of a company's actual printing behaviour. By using 3manager, companies can quickly and easily see their printing needs, making it easier for them to choose the best printer.

In conclusion, data-driven analytics can help companies make better decisions when purchasing new printers by saving time, reducing the need for expensive consultancy services, and providing unbiased information.

With the help of tools like 3manager, companies can make informed and cost-effective decisions that are tailored to their specific needs.


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